Ethos & Sustainability

Contemporary design, impeccable craftsmanship, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability .We're paving the way towards a more sustainable and stylish future for buying homeware

Environmentally Friendly Furniture

We only use only sustainable wood! Helping to support forest conservation efforts and help protect biodiversity. Every piece of furniture we sell is produced using wood that carries the FSC label.

This special certification signifies stringent environmental and social standards. These certifications provide assurance that the wood comes from responsibly managed sources.

By working closely with highly skilled artisans and manufacturers, we are able to ensure beautiful craftsmanship and longevity in our pieces, resulting in long-lasting furniture that withstands the test of time, further reducing the need for

We're proud of the steps we have taken to ensure a more sustainable approach in the sourcing of our accessories collections and as such are really proud to say that many of our homeware pieces are made from sustainable materials: such as wood,
bamboo, cork, or recycled glass.

Behind the scenes, we continue to repurpose and reuse packaging, labels and much more!

British and European made

We’ve been making quality solid wood furniture for nearly 30 years in our own workshop. In addition to our own custom ranges, we stock ranges by leading solid wood furniture makers from around the world.

Why we use FSC wood?

You can buy wood products, from all types of forest, with a clear conscience when you see the FSC logo. The FSC label guarantees that the trees that are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.