#shopindependentday 2021

Shopping small isn't just for Christmas – or a pandemic!

 Now is the time for us to harness the support for independents that we’ve seen grow over the past year and ensure that it becomes an everyday habit.

Blue background with text: local is for life & not for a pandemic

Retail innovator and small business champion  @Hollytucker MBE  introduces Campaign Shop Independent - Summer 2021. A month-long campaign, leading up to the official Shop Independent Day on 25th June,
 calling upon the British public to shop small and spread the word this June and beyond.

Having recently celebrated our 30th birthday, we are very fortunate to have navigated changes over the years, and adapted through these past couple of years. Let’s celebrate all those small businesses who have been there for you when you couldn’t go far to shop and eat, if every adult in the UK spends £1 in an independent on the 25th June, it would add £12 billion to local economies. Shopping small isn’t just for Christmas or a pandemic. Both our rural shops at Sopwell, and at Battlers Green Farm are neighbours to many small and independent businesses who need your continued support as we commence the second half of the retail calendar.

Thank you for supporting us! 

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