The Minerals Collection

The Minerals Collection from Ethnicraft is a beautiful accent addition, fusing functional furniture with beautiful tactile texture. The distinctive cracked lava finish is made from mineral powders, water, earth, natural colour pigments and metallic powders to create a unique surface to contrast against its simple elegant metal framework. We love this growing collection, it is both edgy and subtle at the same time, with statement pieces of furniture that fuses handcrafted techniques with simple and contemporary style. Coffee and side tables have been joined by a console and a statement wall mirror. 


A blend between innovation and ancestral techniques, artisans use natural mineral powders and colour pigments, shaped by hand to form the earthy tones and distinctive texture. 

Craftsmanship is at the core of Ethnicraft’s identity. Relying on some of the oldest artistic ancestral techniques, the mineral tables are created and shaped by hand. Each table and pattern are unique, inspired by the lines and shapes found in nature such as stones, earth and bark.

Each tabletop and pattern are unique, inspired by the lines and shapes found in nature such as stones, earth and bark, and these are set atop contrasting clean lines and simple metal work. Black powder coated metal legs and frames are cleverly designed to work with the furniture, offering the table up to the sofa or chair, without detracting from the beautiful crackled finish of the surfaces. The tables are all different heights and designed be used alone or to stack and nestle together.

View the striking pieces here - The Minerals Collection

PRODUCT CARE:  For regular dusting use a dry cloth. For cleaning, or in case of a spill, use a damp cloth and natural soap. Dry with a soft clean cloth. Do not use abrasive products. We always recommend using coasters, mouse pads, or placemats on surfaces as heat and extreme repetitive daily use can damage the finish. 

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