The Barrow Lounge Collection

The Barrow lounge chair has an irresistible vintage vibe, with inspiration taken  from the 50s influencing both its shape and fabric texture. The reclined back and wide seat of the chair beckon to sit and relax, while the lightness of the metal foot base teamed with premium upholstery are a timeless addition to any space. 
It was designed with comfort in mind, in colours that evoke a feeling of security and warmth, let yourself melt into the warm embrace of this incredibly comfortable chair.
Available in gentle Offwhite, warm Copper, energising Ginger and peaceful Pine Green.
The Barrow Pouf is a cosy complement to any living space. Made with Italian fabrics in a range of hues, the Barrow pouf creates a relaxed atmosphere while doubling as additional seating for an indoor gathering.
This easy-to-style item is made of high density foam upholstered to match in two sizes it is comfy as extra seating yet firm enough as a footstool, or top with a tray as an extra side table.  Adding a Barrow pouf to the Barrow lounger gives another layer of comfort, as well as additional seating for an indoor gathering. Put up your feet while cosying up in the lounge chair.
Made to complement and coordinate with the rest of the Ethnicraft interior collections, the robust fabrics are made using top-quality textiles, and the sofa and lounge collection is a comfortable yet durable addition to any space.
Designed by Jacques Deneef with the idea of minimal living, the Barrow collection is brought to you by Ethnicraft, the masters of the modern classic.
The Barrow collection has expanded and is now built for two, available in just off-white to fit well with a neutral palette. The Barrow two-seater offers space to curl up together, with the same level of comfort you’ve come to know from the original lounge chair. 

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All of our items are designed to age incredibly well. For us, this is an important part of sustainability. We encourage timeless designs, crafted using quality and natural materials, that are versatile and combine well with different styles. With some simple maintenance, your furniture and accessories can stay at their best.
If pilling should occur, don’t be alarmed. It’s a result of excess fibre coming off the fabric or from external sources. This is not a defect but a characteristic of many upholstered fabrics and textiles. To remove pilling, use an anti pilling machine.

Avoid placing the item in direct sunlight.

For dusting or removing crumbs take a clean cloth or soft brush and wipe down upholstery. Do not rub.

We do not recommend vacuuming. If you do so, use the lowest suction and a soft upholstery attachment.

Treat spills immediately. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean, dry, white cloth. Do not rub.

In case of a stain, use a clean, slightly damp white cloth, blotting from the outer edge to the centre of the stain. Do not use any chemical products on your upholstery
Always lift the furniture when moving them from place to place-avoid dragging on the floor to avoid damage to both your furniture and your flooring.