Sustainable Shopping

Sustainability isn't just about where the product came from- but also where it is going,how it will be used and its impact on its environment. Shopping with sustainability in mind will influence buying trends as we try to move away from fast fashion and from fast design. With this comes the desire for quality products that will last, and making long-term sustainable and conscious lifestyle choices when it comes to our homes. A small move is to think ethically sourced, organic, unbleached cotton, compostable wrap and limited or recycled packaging. A step farther is to consider the origin of the product material itself. Small decisions and small changes can add up.

Sustainable shopping for the home

Good solid wood furniture will last you a lifetime, and indeed more as they are often reincarnated, up-cycled and recycled for a new generation to enjoy. Wood is a regenerative source and so long as we replant for future use wood is a sustainable product. The origin of the timber we use is regulated by the Forest Stewardship Council and this FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability. FSC-certified forests are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards.


Accessories too do not need to be a fast fashion purchase.

Mango is a hardwood that looks great when made into homewares, and because mango wood is a by-product harvested after the Mango tree has finished fruiting, it is a very eco-friendly timber option. Its manufacture has a relatively low carbon footprint because the wood doesn’t require extensive processing, seasoning, and drying.


Cork is an understated material, its natural brown colour gives it a grounding, earthy feel, while its rugged bark appearance adds texture, warmth and cosiness, is a great heat and sound insulator and processes Co2 even after it was been harvested and made into products.

Every batch of natural cork products are unique and a blend of different patterns, and did you know that cork is harvested naturally without harming the tree.


Aluminium is known as the green metal and can be recycled endlessly, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly metals you can use in your home. It is a great highly polished alternative to steel and silver, and has the added benefit of being non-tarnishing and easy to clean. it can also be given a rustic artisani finish. The key to ensuring your space doesn’t look sterile is by mixing the aluminium with warmer tones, such as those found in wood and cork.


We’ve seen the revival of the artisan and a growing interest in crafted homeware which highlight an increased demand for design that is bespoke, authentic, and hand-made.

As conscious shopping becomes a priority, pieces that are sculpted for longevity will be taking centre stage in your home. One of the great pleasures of hand crafted items is the unique textures that tell the story of the hands that made them which makes each individual item feel and look more special. These items therefore have more value to the owner, and will not be a disposable, or short term fashion fix, but something to enjoy using for a long time.


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