NEW Concerto Stoneware

Designed in Italy, the rustic style Concerto serveware is inspired by mediterranean traditions, serving up family style dishes and showcasing your favourite foods. We love the fusion of modern and traditional in its design, mixing dishwasher and microwave safe modern shapes with traditional elements such as a hand-finished golden-brown rim and a 'cobbled', glazed surface.

Hand crafted using techniques that make each piece original, variations in colour and imperfections are not to be considered defects but characteristics of the process and embraced as part of the artisani charm. As they are not mass produced items, small blemishes and differences in and under the reactive glaze will result in a set of unique and individual pieces.

Our featured colour is Pearl Grey - a soft neutral light taupe featuring the worn brown character lip.

CARE of your Stoneware

Although durable and dishwasher safe - stoneware can obviously be chipped through impact. just like other ceramics and china, you should avoid them  touching when stacked in a dishwasher, and always remove from the top of a stack of dishes if kept in a pile.