NEW ARRIVAL:Sigfrid Sofa

Introducing Sigfrid our fabulous new family of sofas, a new addition that is lead by our search for made to order furniture that makes your space work for you.
Thanks to the modular design, you can create your own arrangement including your choice of legs. A two seat, a three seat, a roomy 3.5 seat sofa are available as well as a corner set up, that can be made up in three sizes, customised and created to fit your home.

 The roomy seat size and very comfortable build is available in beautiful hard wearing fabrics and the contemporary leg in either wood or metal can be sited under the arm or beneath the seat of a bespoke look.

The sofas are all made to order, from your selection of fabrics and like us, the  manufacturer is family owned and committed to providing a pieces that work for your space.

Visit Sigfrid at our St Albans Barn showroom and discover ultimate comfort, great looks and beautiful colours.

Find out more about The Sofa Collection

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