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Elevate your space with our collection of striking and sophisticated styling trays, and tables.

A perfect finishing touch to any table top, a statement tray is one of our favourite ways to enhance an interior look. The addition of a well curated tray in any space makes for a stylish focal point in any room, in addition to being a brilliantly versatile piece of home decor. 

The rise of the tray has come along way since its early inception, with the once boring plastic functional tray replaced with something far more luxurious.

From natural rattan to glossy lacquer, trays have certainly had an upgrade in the style stakes, with many now seen as mini works of art, including our own collection, which has firmly cemented a special place in our interior loving hearts in the last couple of years. 

Traditional printing and hand-finishing techniques ensures the most beautiful of finished product, with expert craftsmanship and artistic vision right at the heart of the collection. 

The collection offers a unique modular concept of being able to mix and match individual table bases and tray tops to create a one-of-a-kind look that matches your style and aesthetic, a fabulous way of creating a unique piece of furniture. 

Some of our current favourites from the 2022 collection are seen here below.  

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