Our Ethnicraft Favourites

Whilst we have a long history of making furniture, both modern and traditional, we also stock pieces from makers who inspire us by their design and build quality.

We have stocked Ethnicraft for a long time as we love their commitment to both innovative looks and long term sustainability, creating furniture to last passing on their history from one generation to the next.​​​​​​​

When each of their products are showstoppers in their own right, they are pieces that show personality yet mold to your home and what you already choose to fill it with, they compliment our own furniture and home accessories and are chosen time and again by our customers  looking for something a bit special.

'Your home should be made from more than just objects. It should be filled with items that have meaning, making your home feel lived-in and quintessentially yours.'

Our Favourite Collections

The Minerals Collection is a beautiful accent addition, fusing functional furniture with beautiful tactile texture. A blend between innovation and ancestral techniques, artisans use natural mineral powders and colour pigments, shaped by hand to form the earthy tones and distinctive crackle lava texture. Superb functional pieces, the small side and coffee tables are designed to be admired, but have a strong and usable finish.

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Tabwa is a collection of contemporary wooden furniture transformed into unique pieces of art where each pattern is carefully handcarved in to solid Teak by Indonesian artisans. Dramatic pieces designed to be showcased in the home, these are heirloom storage solutions, hiding your daily clutter away behind the intricately carved Teak.

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Ethnicraft Textiles are manufactured in a Belgian family-owned weaving mill, the Jacquard fabrics are crafted from natural fibre yarns. By consciously choosing natural fibres – such as cotton, wool, and Belgian linen – Ethnicraft have stayed true to their values: design pieces full of character, made from quality materials that age beautifully.

We love the mix of texture and pattern, all designed to feed seamlessly into your home. Cushions and throws that coordinate and compliment the home furnishing collections, plus upholstered chairs and sofas designed to be seen and to be used. Quality pieces tested on factors such as stability, durability, and safety for domestic use, to a level that meets or exceeds the highest furniture standards within the industry. 

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