NEW Oxford Extending Ceramic Table

 The new design Oxford table has arrived and it is both attractive and functional. It has a unique look that's sure to turn heads, plus the benefits of natural hard wearing ceramistone.

Ceramistone is a high-quality, ceramic sheet material that is made from natural raw materials.  Ceramic is resistant to scratches, making it ideal for everyday family use. Resistant to cold and high heat, mats are not necessary. UV and stain resistant it will keep its good looks and is user friendly and easily cleaned.


Available in 8 beautiful colours, from subtle greys and bronzes to the new striking Noir Desir colour with beautiful gold and white veins in black, creating a stone with a unique character. The dark background allows the veins to looks prominent and powerful, and are a striking companion to natural woods. Each unique piece will have veining different to the next.

The Oxford is 95cm wide and is available in four different lengths as a fixed table; 160cm, 180cm, 200, and 220cm long.

The Extendable Oxford dining table is made with the ceramic surface matched right through to the very useful extension. Its length start sizes of 160cm, 180cm, 200cm each offers an extra 70cm of matching ceramic extended tabletop. Housed within the table, the extension is a butterfly that folds up and rolls away within when not in use, easily operated by one person so making space for additional guests is an smooth operation.





High quality environmentally friendly 100% natural porcelain ceramic is cut to size by ceramic craftsmen. These tabletops require virtually no maintenance and are very easily cleaned allowing full use of a piece of furniture made to last and no need to cover them up with tablecloths and mats.
Ceramic is highly resistance to scratches and cuts, as well as heat. Mats and coasters aren't necessary as heat ( and cold ) resistance means serving can be done directly to the table. Impacts to the side of the table could damage the tabletop, but day to day use on the surface will leave it unmarked. A simple wipe down with a clean wet cloth is all that is necessary.
UV resistant, the colouration from natural mineral pigments won't fade, keeping its colour true. A choice of muted colours are available and are a hardy scratch free alternative to marble or granite. Ceramic is cold to the touch, and is a heavy material.
Visit our St Albans showroom to see the Oxford for yourself.

Cleaning and maintenance:
- You can wipe your Ceramistone table top daily with a warm, damp cloth. Then rub it dry with a microfiber cloth.

- Be careful of bumping and / or falling hard objects on the blade or the edge. This can damage the blade and / or the edge.