NEW ARRIVAL The Linoleum Vario Table

Blending a satin matt surface with a warm, fine texture, Linoleum delivers a genuinely distinctive, truly individual look and feel that is unlike any other surface material available.

A specialist furniture linoleum surface finish and all-natural composition ensures it is naturally antistatic, providing a key practical advantage as the surface actively resists static charge build-up. This helps prevent dirt and dust sticking to the surface and ensures the material remains hygienic, clean and unblemished. Linoleum is very resistant to oils and fats, is colour fast and even slightly fungicidal with a warm touch and long durabilty.

This natural product, which has been manufactured the same way for 150 years, is composed of the renewable raw materials linseed oil, resin, wood, limestone flour and nature-identical color pigments. After a maturing process for several weeks, a water-based finish is applied to protect the material from scratches and fingerprints.

We are excited to unveil the use of this finish on our new edition Vario Linoleum dining table that showcases the warm tactile surface, which is easily cleaned,with a genuinely distinctive, individual look & feel unlike any other surface material available. A captivating blend of warm, fine textures and a satin matt surface atop an oiled natural wood frame.

The Linoleum itself is manufactured using 100% electricity made from renewable energy sources, and contains 28% recycled content by weight making it a great partner for our sustainably sourced woods. The furniture linoleum used has already received several awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the Award for Good Industrial Design and the Interzum Award. As a low-emission product it contributes to a healthier indoor climate and has been awarded the “The Blue Angel” eco-label.

 The Linoleum Vario table has simple lines and a thoughtful design means an easy to handle mechanism with one folding butterfly leaf hidden within the table. The legs stay always on the outer edges and the table edge is flush to the edge of the legs for a clean look. Hand made to order from solid sustainable wood in bespoke lengths from 140 to 240 cm in length with the addition of the extra folding extension that can be made up to 1m long. Widths can be from 90 to 100cm.

The Vario table can be made in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Beech or Ash wood and can be made as as fixed or extending table, with the butterfly extension in all linoleum to match, it is available in 21 anti fade colours, from the subtle and natural to the vibrant and bold.

 To Clean; dust off loose dirt them wipe clean with a wet cloth using washing up liquid in water, wipe dry.
Flowerpots / terracotta / clay or metal (rust) can leave discolouration behind on linoleum. Please use suitable mats or coasters. Linoleum typically meets Class C-fl in the European fire classification system, but note it is not very puncture resistant and is not suitable for use in damp rooms. In addition, linoleum is very sensitive to alkalis and is chemically degraded by them.
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