Interior Inspiration - Moroccan Style

If you’re interested in bringing an exotic vibe that still feels elegant with just the right amount of charm, then take a look at Moroccan decor. Featuring vibrant colors, with an extreme focus on patterns, Moroccan style can be colourful and busy, however we like a more pared down look, working with a natural palette and bringing Moroccan elements in with ornate metal work, adding lamps and candles with intricate designs on them for a low atmospheric light - looking to re-create balmy summer evenings.

Outdoor spaces lend well to a Moroccan feel - bring indoors outside by taking your lanterns, cushions and throws onto the terrace, balcony or gardens for an alfresco evening.

Mirrors and wall art are a huge part of Moroccan interiors, the grander the better. Create a centrepiece around a mirror with ornate filigree metal work, layering lanterns to bounce their light against it. Accent the metals with some bright colours, perhaps glassware or cushions, that will warm up the scheme and add to the cosy feel when evening comes.

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