Modern Farmhouse

modern farmhouse mood board with light colours and natural materials

The Modern Farmhouse look is an aesthetic which beautifully combines the very best of modern living fused with a hint of rustic charm.

A modern take on the classic and more traditional country farmhouses, dark woods are replaced by lighter timbers and complemented by contemporary and industrial style finishes.

We round up a few of our favourite ways below to achieve a striking modern country look minus the tea cosy.

Embrace a light and neutral colour scheme

Replace traditional darker woods and mahogany shades with a muted colour palette and neutral hues to keep your space feeling light and airy, try soft painted furniture with wood trim, and natural finishes.

Incorporate pops of colour alongside accessories

Soft textures such as cushions and throws also add warmth and colour to a space, and hard metals will give a contrast and keep the look modern.

Opt for natural woods and reclaimed timber furniture pieces

Inject larger pieces of oak furniture... contemporary pieces with a weathered look are a fabulous way of ensuring your space remains fresh and modern, but still with that lovely hint of rustic charm.  Our Countryman tables are a special collection of heritage pieces, crafted from reclaimed timber. Full of individual character these aged style dining tables are a beautiful example of how to do modern country living make for a real showpiece at the heart of the home.

Have fun by injecting texture and natural materials

Interesting and organic textures are a great way to really enhance to the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Look to inject splashes of rattan and wicker for a natural and earthy look. Smaller accents such as rattan baskets and trays will do the job nicely! Plus, they are super practical.