Jungle fever


  From palm and banana leaf prints to birds of paradise and tropical animals, a jungle addition always a fun way to add personality to a space, but a dramatic home styling tool is to embrace the the urban jungle aesthetic and jump head first into making your room a tropical hideaway. Whether you've picked your bedroom, office, bathroom or lounge as your tropical escape.


Think rich greens, natural materials and lush foliage - whether its real plants, botanical prints or textural textiles - it’s all about bringing the outdoors inside. Deep greens are a calming and cocooning colour, and if used for a whole area can work as a new neutral for your accent pieces to stand against, or use a small amount of green along with your safer whites, beige, creams for a light and airy natural feel. 


Easy to care for larger plants such as an impressive Monstera Deliciosa, Yucca or Fern can be reflected in your botanical accents, whether they are a Monstera sculpture, some  candlesticks or for the bold, a feature wallpaper or wall hanging. Wood works well as a base for your accessories as it links the natural botanicals to the functionality of the room. A wood side table, a wooden display tray or bowl will showcase your treasures and harmonise with your greenery. 


Accessorise with black or with gold for a Safari Luxe feel or for a bolder themed addition add a fabulous bright addition such as parrot candlesticks, or bold dinner candles. For a calm retreat use natural woods, rattans and soft neutral textiles.

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