Interior Inspiration - Industrial

Industrial styling has traditionally been a name used for a masculine design aesthetic based around the use of raw architectural features such as ironwork, pipes, bricks and raw materials like wood. As a modern industrial styling, this can be softened with the use of different woods, the warmth of other metals such as golds and coppers, and the addition of other textures like concrete and textured glass.

 Because of the stripped back feeling and unfussy nature of this look, Industrial has become a modern 'classic' and a great base on which to build. On the bare bones of your limited palette, your feature colours or fabrics can pop. Try some more feminine touches such as highlighting the copper metals with some pink textiles or balance hard metalwork with soft green plant and botanicals.

Oscar Desk and the Jet Oak Chair

We think natural grain and marks on wood look amazing against dark finishes and harsh backdrops. Man made Industrial hardness contrasting with organic and natural softness. A modern and useful decor scheme for a shared workspace and home office area, the base metals and woods of the furniture can be dressed up with glass and textiles pieces to soften and personalise.

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