Shopping for your Dream Dining Table

Much more than a simple piece of furniture, the dining table is the centre of our living spaces, it is the place where we gather to eat, entertain friends, do our homework, read and play games.

Understand Your Space

Measure your dining area and consider the shape, size, and layout. Is it a cosy nook in the kitchen or a larger sized separate dining room? Take accurate measurements of the space to ensure your new table doesn't overwhelm or underwhelm the area.

Consider the flow of foot traffic in the room, allowing ample space for chairs to be pulled in and out comfortably. Map out the proposed table space on the floor using newspaper, to get a feel for the room it takes up, and available space left for chairs to move and people to pass - you will probably need at least 80cm free on each side for this space.

If your dining area is part of an open floor plan, take note of how it harmonizes with the adjacent living or kitchen space. Understanding your spaces unique characteristics will be the foundation for making the perfect choice. 

Consider Your Style

Remember that your dining table will likely be at the heart of the home for many years to come, and so consider your own personal style choices when seeking out your newest table. Are you drawn to the classic charm of a rustic farmhouse table, or maybe or the sleek lines of modern design. Embrace your unique taste and let it shine through your choice of table. Don't be afraid to mix and match styles to create an eclectic and inviting dining space.

 Think about Shape and Size

The shape of your dining table is more than just aesthetics; round can influence the flow of conversation and interaction during meals. Rectangular tables are versatile and ideal for accommodating larger and smaller groups. If you have a smaller space or prefer a more intimate setting, a small square table can fit against a wall and foster a more cosy atmosphere. Bear in mind the weight of the table too if you move it often, or indeed move house regularly. A solid table will need more hands to move it, and how does the extension mechanism work? Can you operate it alone?

Size and height of your table will often be lead by your family's needs; how many people so you need to seat; allow at least 60cm per person for comfortable eating space. A regular height dining table for a standard chair is around 75cm high, counter /kitchen height is usually 90cm for counter and kitchen stools, or a tall bar height is 110 and is for barstools. 


Extendable or Fixed?

Consider whether you need an extendable table to accommodate guests during gatherings - or prefer a fixed size that fits your daily needs. Many extendable tables are cleverly designed, seamlessly blending practicality with aesthetics, so explore these options for the best of both worlds.

Stylish Seating

Strike a balance between comfort and style. If your space allows, opt for chairs with armrests for added support and relaxation. Mixing chairs with a bench can add a casual and inviting vibe to your dining area, allowing you to squeeze in some extra visitors and encourages guests to linger a little longer over dinner. A bench can also be tucked away if you need to house your table closer to a wall on one side.

Think about the Finishing Touches

The material of your dining table not only influences its aesthetics but also determines its durability and maintenance. Solid wood exudes warmth and character, while premium linoleum or ceramic can feel super contemporary. Keep in mind that different materials require varying levels of care, so choose wisely based on your lifestyle.

Consider the Investment

A dining table is an investment. Whilst there are several low-cost dining table options to choose from, these should be considered as short term solutions.

Premium craftsmanship ensures longevity, ensuring your table stays with you for many many years to come.

Need a helping hand to choose the right table – feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, and don’t forget to pop along to stores for a closer look at some our best loved styles.

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