Hand Forged Collection

All pieces from our Hand Forged collection of fireside and home accessories are made by our Blacksmith in a traditional forge, heating the metal in the fire then hammering and twisting the white-hot steel to form the most eye-catching, contemporary designs. Finally, each piece is highly polished to accentuate the natural textures of the steel and then coated in a light protective lacquer. Handcrafted fireside accessories made using age old skills for items to last for many many years.

We are building on the the success of the Blacksmith Hand Forged range of fireside log holders with additional pieces for the home. Fireside accessories such as pokers and tongs, are now joined by unique lamps - all made using those traditional methods for pieces with individually shaped into them.

Care for your Forged Items

Just dust with a soft cloth day - to - day and we recommend that in order to maintain the high quality finish, a small amount of beeswax polish is applied from time to time and wiped off with a soft dry cloth.

Not resistant to the elements and the affect of moisture, these items are not intended for outdoor use and they will rust.


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