Futuristic Fenix

Fenix is an award winning revolutionary material made in Italy using nanotechnologies creating a hygienic, waterproof and durable surface. We were so impressed, we have added tables with a Fenix option to our arsenal of solid wood dining furniture for a real family friendly alternative to a wooden tabletop.
Its premium quality surface off sets the natural wood beautifully...but it's not all about looks where Fenix is concerned. Soft and 'warm touch', it is non reflective and will not show fingerprints even on the ultra matt black or  matt white colour ways. Available in a range of natural and neutral colours, Fenix is also light fast so will not fade. We love its dry heat, scratch, impact and rub resistance which means your beautiful table is so easy to keep looking like new.
Fenix Care Cleaning is easy as it has a high resistance to household products and stains lift as long as the structure of the fabric is in place. No specific handling is required: all that is required is a damp cloth, with hot water or delicate detergents. Almost all household detergents and disinfectants can be used.
One of the most innovative characteristics of Fenix concerns superficial micro-scratches: if the material structure is not damaged beyond repair, they can be heat-repaired any number of times. Furthermore, it is possible to remove small abrasions using a "magic sponge".
Its anti-bacterial properties make it a top choice for professional kitchens, it is suitable for contact with food. It is also mould resistant, hydro repellent, non porous, high density and anti static-so does not attract dust. Whats not to love!
We offer Fenix as a table top for a special selection of fixed and extending dining tables because it looks great and performs like nothing else on the market.