Ethical Christmas



This Christmas we are proud to stock some special pieces that are both beautiful and Fairtrade, unique yet traditional and 100% biodegradable. Handcrafted from recycled paper, and then hand-painted using plant-based, organic, natural dyes and paints. Due to the nature of handmade products, despite having similar designs, patterns and colours, you will find that each item is unique.

Paper mâché baubles are made by a team of exceptionally skilled Kashmiri artisans using traditional techniques then decorated using organic plant and mineral pigments. Papier mâché is one of the most popular crafts practiced in Kashmir and has its origin rooted in the 15th century, when King Zain ur Abideen invited many accomplished artists and craftsmen from Central Asia. 

Once decorated, the products are then giving lacquer coating which protects them from any water damage and gives extra durability. The finished masterpiece reflects the keen attention to detail and sheer effort put in to produce such extraordinary aesthetic work.

These exquisitely, hand-crafted baubles are boxed in recycled and recyclable packaging.

Kashmiri artisans and exceptionally skilled craftsmen are provided with sustainable and fair work in a historical, yet unstable, country.

Consideration of low-energy consumption goes into every detail of their operation, right down to maximising people’s ability to work from home. This is important during the freezing Himalayan winters, when families need to support themselves but have difficulty travelling to and from work in the heavy snow and cold weather conditions. This also means that during the frequent periods of civil unrest, in the Kashmir region, our artisans are also able to continue to work despite crippling curfews when access to essential needs becomes difficult. 

Beautiful pieces filled with historical craft and a thoughtful addition to this years tree.

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