A celebration of organic shapes and textures and the artisans that have created them. Warm natural neutrals for security and comfort.

Gold Organic Serving Tray 

 We love the use of organic shapes and fluid textures that show how an item is formed or made, or the artisanal skills of the person who created a piece that feels... just unique.

The individuality lies in the hand applied paint, the reactive glaze or the hand finished textures, stitches and grains of the wood.

Colour is inspired by the warm tones of a natural neutral feeling of comfort and colour of the year 2021 from Dulux, 'Brave Ground' which is a neutral in the true sense of the word a not quite stone, not quite taupe creamy earth colour - versatile as a foundation backdrop for all things both classic and modern or to anchor bolder partners.


Brave Ground - Dulux colour of the year 2021 

Urbane Bronze - Sherwin Williams colour of the year 2021

Step lightly into 2021 with calm classic natural linen and stone colours, an earthier warmer palette than the ice cool greys that we've seen before. Add an injection of contrast such as bone whites or darker warm greys like Sherwin Williams colour of the year 'Urbane Bronze' which is a dark brown/grey which is warmer than black. The perfect base for beautiful natural woods. 

T1 Twisted Pedestal Oak Table 

 We obviously love real wood, and as all our furniture has a natural oil finish, showcasing the grain and individuality of the tree from whence it came. Wood, glass, beautiful stoneware...enjoy the natural colours and the artisan elements of our curated collection of home furniture and accessories.

 The Nature collection of Serveware

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