Dark & Dramatic Styling

Dark, dramatic and super contemporary, the addition of darker home accents can go a long way in transforming your space in an instant.

Dark rooms are cosy, alluring, restful, and dramatic, from an accent piece through to a black gothic style space, we do love the idea of using darker home accents and furniture to help create a space that’s both on trend and comfortable. 

Embrace a darker colour palette when thinking about paint choices for your room, swap white and lighter walls for an alternative darker tone to add a depth and drama to your space. A dark room is inviting and calm, and really comes alive in the evening with the addition of lanterns and candles.


Pile on the rich textures and tones in your  textiles - a really effective way of adding a bit of drama to a space.This season's must have moody velvet cushions do the job nicely. Lighting is a great way of injecting a statement into a space, keep lighting intimate with plenty of table lamps in key areas, a good place to add brass or gold colours as it will warm the area. The pop of a bold metallic contrast in your styling will really add dramatic effect and stop your dark looking too flat. 


Shop the ‘Dark & Decadent’ Collection here - where moody and dramatic blacks, blues and slate greys are mixed with brass and gold for a luxurious feel.