A remarkable natural and sustainable material, cork has excellent thermal properties, is impermeable to liquids and gases, super resilient, lightweight and hypoallergenic. Our new collection of cork home accessories from Cornwall based LIGA are made with great thought to both beautiful aesthetics and natural eco friendly production.


The Natural Cork Collection of placemats and coasters are smoked with light ink to enhance the natural patterns of the cork and give its signature look. Every batch is unique and a blend of different patterns.

The Pottery Collection is made from glazed earthenware which is dishwasher safe and the soft touch simple cork accents add a textural contrast as well as a practical heat insulator and sound dampener. 

Sustainable Materials

Cork is harvested naturally without harming the tree. The lower trunk bark is removed, and the bark on all the branches left intact so the tree is protected and not harmed. The healing process begins, and the tree quickly replaces the bark on its lower trunk with it becoming thick enough to harvest again in nine years. The cork oak forests in Portugal (from which all of our cork products are made) offset ten million tonnes of carbon every year. They are a long-term crop; the tree will be 25 years old before its first harvest, 43 years old before its bark is good enough to be used as a cork wine stopper and has a long 200 year life. 

Did you now that cork continues to absorb C02 even after it has been harvested and made into homeware products? 

Plastic Free Packaging

The Natural Cork table mats are presented in a simple eco band made from recycled paper. The pottery boxes are made from recycled and recyclable paper.

Zero plastic is used the packaging for sustainable living and eco giving.

Care instructions

Wipe cork clean with a damp cloth. Remove from any pottery before it is washed/ loaded into a dishwasher.