Care for your Solid wood Furniture

We have been working with wood for over 30 years and have absolute faith in the quality of our furniture. If you buy a piece of furniture from us that develops a structural fault, we’ll either fix it or replace the item for free.

This guarantee is valid for all our wooden furniture with the exception of chairs and upholstery. It’s a personal use guarantee, which means it is not valid for furniture used in the workplace (e.g. pubs or restaurants), and this guarantee does not cover “wear and tear” which naturally occurs with time, and it doesn’t apply if you have caused damage yourself through accidents such as burns and stains, or intentionally altered or mistreated the piece of furniture.

We work with many natural materials and those distinctive grain patterns, knots, natural markings and colourings that are the key characteristics of real wood should be embraced as the showcase of nature that they are. Small movement is to be expected, which is why your piece is constructed to allow for this natural process. This can include minor gaps appearing, known as shakes. These are not regarded as faults, and should be expected as part of your purchase.

Wood Maintenance:

We are happy to provide advice on the maintenance of your piece, as with the right care and maintenance a solid wood piece of furniture can last you a lifetime. You just need to be mindful that wood is a natural product, and is affected by its environment and responds to heat and humidity.

As a general rule, real wood products should be kept away from direct heat such as radiators and burners and persistent direct sunshine. Liquids and/or heat may cause marks on the surface – we recommend the use of coasters/heat pads to protect the surface of your table or sideboard from hot pots, mugs and dishes. Use mouse mats or protectors for desks.  Your furniture has been finished in a natural oil which affords you some protection from liquids penetrating the deeper layers. Spillages should be wiped up with a damp cloth as soon as is possible. Do not use chemical commercial cleaning liquids or sprays, a soapy damp cloth is sufficient to clean. 

Day to day care:

Step 1 For everyday care a simple wipe over with a moist cloth or kitchen wipe / spray.

Step 2 (Important) Follow this by drying any excess moisture with a tea towel or kitchen towel.

Optional extra care

Approximately every 6-8 months: lightly sand the surface of any marks using 240 sandpaper (going with the grain)

Then apply a light coat of furniture oil using a sponge.

Should you need to purchase any extra oil here are the details of which oil you need.

All these products are manufactured by Osmo and freely available online.

Oil – 3062

Light Oil – 3044 RAW

White Oil – 3111 – Before using this oil please just give us a call with extra tips & tricks.

Oops have I ruined my lovely table??

Answer - not at all. The beauty of our 100% solid wood tables is that you can always remedy them should you manage to mark them, unlike with veneered and varnished woods, any blemishes (ring marks, scratches or spills) can easily be repaired in your home by using the following method;

Method: Sand with even long strokes using a 240 Sand paper - ensuring to sand going with the direction of the grain. If the marks are deep use a 120 sandpaper, finishing off with a 240 to complete the sanding process.

Then using a sponge apply a coat of the natural furniture oil, rub in thoroughly and evenly spreading over as much of the table as necessary. Then use the kitchen towel to smooth out any excess.

Best practice to avoid marks in the first place is to use mats and coasters wherever possible.

If you are in any doubt as to the recommended course of action in the above procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The beauty of wood is in its marks, from its birthmarks and grain, to its dents through being loved and used, in fact some people like to see the natural marks through the years of using our tables as they can serve like memories of all the family meals shared around them.

General care & maintenance tips

To prevent colour differences, do not place furniture or accessories in direct sunlight, and move objects placed on the furniture from time to time. Open your extendable table the first three weeks after installing and afterwards on a regular basis.

Avoid exposure to extreme conditions: Do not place furniture or accessories near heating sources or air-conditioned spaces. Wood in dry or hot areas may need a more regular oil application to prevent drying out.  Recommended humidity in the room: between 40% and 60%

To prevent staining, remove any spills immediately.

When cleaning the surface, always work in the direction of the wood grain.

Use place mats and/or coasters to prevent hot pots and pans, or cold glasses and bottles, from leaving marks on the furniture.

Do not drag the furniture along the floor; always lift the furniture when moving.

Always ensure water solutions used to clean the floor do not come into contact with the furniture’s base, as it may leave permanent marks. For items that feature rubber glides, avoid using alcohol-based cleaners on floors they are in direct contact with.

Indoor products are not intended for outdoor use.