Ethnicraft | Behind the Brand

For a quarter of a century, Ethnicraft has been weaving a tale of authentic, contemporary and timeless furniture 

Established in the beautiful city of Antwerp 25 years ago, Ethnicraft has proudly risen to become a creative powerhouse in the world of furniture design. Masters of pioneering design this extraordinary creative brands offering is a curated collection of beautiful pieces for the home that exude meaning and character.


Coupled with an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship they artfully blend form and function in their awe-inspiring collections curated for every room or space.

Ethnicraft understands that a home transcends mere objects; it should be a haven of cherished memories and personal stories. That's why they create beautiful furniture and decorative objects that serve as the very foundations for your home.

Each piece is meticulously crafted to inspire the unique narratives of your life, making your home an extension of your identity, and a testament to who you are.

From the defining furniture pieces that give purpose to a room, to the exquisite accessories that add layers of interest. Ethnicraft takes pride in creating spaces that feel lived-in and quintessentially yours.

With their boundless creativity and unyielding passion, they continue to expand their collection, staying true to their character and reaffirming their role as a trusted partner in the art of creating a home filled with meaning and beauty.


You can view our full Ethnicraft Collection here or visit our St Albans showroom for a look at the Ethnicraft quality for yourself. Blacks of Sopwell, proud Hertfordshire stockists of ethnicraft furniture and home accessories.