Al fresco Style - Styling Tips for an Elegant Gathering


On a warm sunny day, there's nothing more special than savouring delicious food and sharing joyful moments with friends and family in the garden. Here we share our favourite styling tips on how to create a truly elegant al-fresco-style dining experience.

The Luxury Tablescape 

Design a visually pleasing tablescape that combines functionality with style. Opt for a crisp white or neutral tablecloth as a canvas, allowing your food and décor to take centre stage, or contrast a tabletop by layering the table with textured placemats or runners to add depth and visual interest. Take your elegant dinnerware, glassware, and silverware outdoors, arranging them meticulously to create a sophisticated look. 



The Statement Centrepiece 

A well-designed centrepiece can instantly elevate your al fresco dining experience. Use an array of flowers, either freshly cut or potted, as the focal point of your table. Consider incorporating seasonal blooms or wildflowers for a rustic touch. Add interest by incorporating elements like candles, serving boards and fruit bowls, or even small decorative objects that align in colour.


Create a warm and inviting ambience 

To set the mood, consider the lighting options available. Soft candlelight or string lights draped over trees can create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Lanterns and votive candles can also add a touch of charm. As the sun sets, let the flickering glow of the candles bring an ethereal feel to your gathering.


Culinary Delights

Food is at the heart of any gathering. Plan a menu that features fresh, seasonal ingredients and flavours that complement the al fresco setting. Serve a variety of appetizers, salads, and main courses that are easy to share and encourage a convivial atmosphere. Don't forget to offer refreshing beverages like signature cocktails, infused water, or chilled wines to complete the dining experience.

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