Unleash Your Wild Side; Safari Luxe

Embark on an Interior Safari Adventure...
From on trend animal-inspired sculptures to tribal print styling trays, here's our roundup of our favourite jungle pieces to love right now. Our Safari collection allows you to infuse your living spaces with the allure of the wild while maintaining an air of elegance and sophistication.  

 Safari Candlesticks 

 These fun and novel candlesticks will   transport you to the heart of the jungle, each   Candlestick features a delightful animal   motif, sculpted with striking appeal. Mix and   match or create a stunning focal point by   grouping them together and adding a mix of coloured dinner candles.


Animal Print Textiles  

When it comes to Safari Luxe Décor, animal prints are the jewel in the crown. From the striking zebra stripe to the classic leopard spots These timeless motifs  add a touch of 'wow' to any room. Whether boldly incorporated through accents such as wallpaper or a subtle injection via your your favourite cushion, animal prints infuse spaces with a sense of exoticism and playfulness  - We love our range of handmade one off leopard print cushions.    

 Playful Bookends

Add a touch of whimsical charm to your bookshelf with our delightful animal bookends! Metallic golden Cheetahs to playful Elephants - a great but subtle way of embracing the safari luxue theme. 


 Styling Trays

Our striking tribal print trays, a beautiful fusion of timeless craftsmanship with contemporary design. Handmade and finished, this monochrome trays showcase the natural beauty of wood, enhanced by silkscreen detailing. A chic serving tray to present drinks, or use to style your favorite candles and diffusers. Can also be use atop one of the coordinating tray tables to double up as a piece of accent furniture


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