The Roller Max Collection



The Roller Max collection from Ethnicraft furniture offers functional storage in an eye-catching design featuring sliding doors with their characteristic stacked wood stick design. Made from solid wood, the collection is beautifully intricate yet discreet in the Ethnicraft timeless signature style. 

The bold solid black tainted Teak furniture features dark brown tainted Mahogany woodstick doors - resulting in a dark off-black glow to the varnished woods and softens the modern monochrome.


Storage furniture has adjustable shelving and seamlessly integrated handles, the matching small tables have hidden storage within. Dining tables, desks, stools and accessories have been added to the collection featuring this Wood Stick design, all of which work well with any other piece from Ethnicraft or as a stand alone statement in you own home collection.


The result is an elegant and sophisticated item for both residential and commercial spaces, stunning additions to a living or office space with great attention to detail. Designed by Alain van Havre for Ethnicraft Furniture.

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Caring for your Varnished furniture

Varnished wooden items are finished with a protective coating. This finish gives the item its desired colour and offers protection against stains, though even with this extensive treatment, spills should be removed immediately.

For regular dusting, use a dry cloth. For cleaning or in case of a spill, use a damp cloth and natural soap. Wipe in the direction of the grain. Do not use soap containing detergent or other chemicals. Dry with a soft clean cloth to prevent spotting.

We always recommend protecting surfaces with coasters, mousepads or placemats, as extreme and repetitive daily use or heat can damage the finish.

Always move objects such as flowerpots, vases, etc. from time to time, and ensure any excess water or dampness is wiped dry immediately to prevent marking the surface.

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