The Pebble Collection

The Pebble collection has a signature rounded corner asymmetrical shape, in natural organic colours like giant pebbles. They made from superior hard wearing surfaces such as Fenix - a matt smooth finish hardwearing nanotechnology or HPL - a textured granite look material with a high scratch and wear resistance. Super hard wearing surfaces, made to be used, and can be ordered from a range of colours, either mixed or matched and all shown off upon minimalist black metal frames. 


Our nesting coffee tables are a stylish additional with real 'wear' appeal, The Pebble coffee table set is made to be noticed, used either together or apart.

Designed to nestle together, like giant overlapping pebbles this pair of contemporary coffee tables can also be pulled apart for independent use. 

Compliment with a pebble side table, pebble sofa table or the new pebble desk,  this collection is sleek and minimal with their stylish light frames and bases whilst striking an industrial edge with their statement shape.

 Speak to us about mixing up the colours or to make matching sets from all the available colours -  the pieces will all be made to order so allow 6-8 weeks from point of order.

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Textured finish - with HPL

HPL is a textured granite look material that is hard wearing and durable - but with the appearance and texture of granite. It is manufactured from a combination of paper pulp and phenolic resin finished with a hard top layer of melamine resin which is the hardest synthetically produced organic material, which gives it a high scratch and wear resistance, and makes it really durable and very easy to maintain, easily cleaned with just a warm damp cloth.

HPL Care - all that is required is a wipe with a damp cloth to clean, hot water and mild detergent if necessary and then dry with a dry cloth. 



Smooth finish with Fenix

FenixNTM® is a super innovative nanotech material, consisting of the latest generation of acrylic resins, which are hardened and fixed using Electron Beam Curing process. The state-of-the-art production process gives Fenix some unique properties, including low light reflectivity,great colour fastness a smooth  soft touch and an super matt surface on which fingerprints are not visible. Fenix is smooth to the touch, scratch and stain resistant, anti glare, super matt and anti static- so helps repel dust!

Fenix Care -   Very hygienic and easy to clean, it has anti-static properties so that it does not attract dust. Daily cleaning with a damp cloth is sufficient. If necessary, cleaning vinegar can be used. Stubborn, 'old' stains can be removed by scrubbing vigorously with a dry wonder sponge. But the most advantageous feature of FenixNTM® is that small, superficial scratches can be thermally repaired.




New addition: The Walnut and Fenix Pebble Coffee tables

The higher table has been given a beautiful sophisticated Walnut top which like any wood surface should be treated with care, and coasters used, and the lower one, a contrasting black Fenix top. FENIX NTM has a high scratch and wear resistance, and makes it really durable and very easy to maintain. Fenix has antistatic properties and therefore, does not attract dust. The tops can be ordered in other combinations- please drop us a message in the chat box with any queries.