Ceramic Table Tops

Ceramic as a tabletop surface can offer both smooth and elegant, and rough and textured looks, and done properly can be a very striking addition to a dining area.
We love the natural feel of Ceramic as a perfect compliment to solid wood and now offer it as an option on a selection of our fixed and extending tables.
High quality environmentally friendly 100% natural porcelain ceramic is cut to size by ceramic craftsmen. These tabletops require virtually no maintenance and are very easily cleaned allowing full use of a piece of furniture made to last, full enjoyment too as there is no need to cover them up with tablecloths and mats.
Ceramic is highly resistance to scratches and cuts, as well as heat. Mats and coasters aren't necessary as heat ( and cold ) resistance means serving can be done directly to the table. Impacts to the side of the table could damage the tabletop, but day to day use on the surface will leave it unmarked. A simple wipe down with a clean wet cloth is all that is necessary.
Ceramic is cold to the touch, and is a heavy material. Due to its weight, extension pieces on the extending tables are not made from ceramic, but with either contrasting or coordinating woods. this can be made a real feature of the mixed materials used.
UV resistant, the colouration from natural mineral pigments wont fade, keeping its colour true. A choice of muted colours are available and are a hardy scratch free alternative to marble or granite.
Your choice of Ceramic can be teamed with different leg options and woods to make a piece totally unique to you. A very interesting addition to the dining table options available, 
 Ceramic Care
A simple wipe down with a clean wet cloth is all that is necessary.