Gift Ideas

Gifts for the Home

£20 Gift Voucher: £20£20 Gift Voucher
£50 Gift Voucher: £50£50 Gift Voucher
£100 Gift Voucher: £100£100 Gift Voucher
Set of 4 Coloured Tumblers: £26NEWSet of 4 Coloured Tumblers
Gold Leaf Bubble Paperweight: £24Gold Leaf Bubble Paperweight
Set of 4 Coloured Votives: £20NEWSet of 4 Coloured Votives
Ripples Bowl: £89Ripples Bowl
Ripples Platter: £85Ripples Platter
Column Vase: £26Column Vase
Double Candle Holder: £119Double Candle Holder
Small 'Platinum' Sphere Vase: £22Small 'Platinum' Sphere Vase
Copper and Concrete Candle Holder: £37Copper and Concrete Candle Holder
'Companions' Sculpture: £59'Companions' Sculpture
Nickel Barrel Candle Holder: £10 EachNickel Barrel Candle Holder
Friendship Bench Sculpture: £79Friendship  Bench Sculpture
Barrel Candle Holder: £10 EachBarrel Candle Holder
Set of 4 Tumblers: £32Set of 4 Tumblers
Family Bench Sculpture: £79Family Bench Sculpture
Heston Mantel Clock: £40Heston Mantel Clock
Spicey Apple Reed Diffuser: £69Spicey Apple Reed Diffuser
Spicey Apple Candle: £35Spicey Apple Candle
Spicey Apple Wax Sachets: £24Spicey Apple Wax Sachets
Honey Tobacco Reed Diffuser: £69Honey Tobacco Reed Diffuser
Honey Tobacco Candle: £32Honey Tobacco Candle
Honey Tobacco Wax Sachets: £24Honey Tobacco Wax Sachets
Anjou Pear Diffuser: £69Anjou Pear Diffuser
Anjou Pear Candle: £35Anjou Pear Candle
Anjou Pear Wax Sachets: £24Anjou Pear Wax Sachets
Hippo Door Stop: £45Hippo Door Stop
Paddle Vodka Set: £40Paddle Vodka Set
Giraffe Paperweight: £28Giraffe Paperweight
Hippo Paperweight: £28Hippo Paperweight
Glass Water Jug: £40Glass Water Jug
Beaver Paperweight: £28Beaver Paperweight
Water and Wine Carafe Set: £50Water and Wine Carafe Set
The Race Sculpture: £85The Race Sculpture
Weighted Vodka Shot Glasses: £30Weighted Vodka Shot Glasses
Curved Leather Magazine Basket: £120NEWCurved Leather Magazine Basket
Pizza Scissors: £25Pizza Scissors
Salt and Pepper Grinders: £48Salt and Pepper Grinders
Grow Your Own Spice Mix: £15Grow Your Own Spice Mix
Grow Your Own Basil: £10Grow Your Own Basil
Gold Hanging Heart: £8 eachGold Hanging Heart
Stag Head Coat Hook: £14Stag Head Coat Hook
Frost Proof Heart Tealight Holder: £9Frost Proof Heart Tealight Holder
Set of 6 oak Coasters: £18Set of 6 oak Coasters
Oak Salad Server Hands: £15Oak Salad Server Hands
Small 'Tweed' Vase: £25Small 'Tweed' Vase
Pasta Server/ Cheese Grater: £15Pasta Server/ Cheese Grater
Paddle Dip Set: £35Paddle Dip Set
Teak Trivet: £25.00Teak Trivet
Blenheim Umbrella Stand: £285Blenheim Umbrella Stand
Pitts Wooden Bi Plane: £39Pitts Wooden Bi Plane
Petite Skeleton Clock: £39Petite Skeleton Clock
Red Velvet Hanging Heart With Tassle: £14Red Velvet Hanging Heart With Tassle
Sausage Dog Money Box: £45Sausage Dog Money Box
Red Velvet Hanging Heart: £12Red Velvet Hanging Heart
White Lava Glass Votives: £10 eachWhite Lava Glass Votives
Set of 4 Compass Coasters: £18Set of 4 Compass Coasters
Skagerak Salad Bowl: £69Skagerak Salad Bowl
Skagerak Teak Salad Servers: £26Skagerak Teak Salad Servers
Skagerak Fruit Bowl/ Serving Dish: £55Skagerak Fruit Bowl/ Serving Dish
Duckie Bottle Opener: £34Duckie Bottle Opener
Leather Desk Tidy: £79Leather Desk Tidy
Set of 4 World Map Coasters: £18Set of 4 World Map Coasters
Leather Magazine Basket: £115Leather Magazine Basket
Diamond Rectangle Mirror Tray: £99Diamond Rectangle Mirror Tray
Bronze Mirror Tray: £99Bronze Mirror Tray
Moroccan Frost Mirror Tray: £129Moroccan Frost Mirror Tray
'Hummingbird 21' Print: £39'Hummingbird 21' Print
'Hummingbird 25' Print: £39'Hummingbird 25' Print
Clear Vase: £75Clear Vase
'Sistine' Hurricane: £125'Sistine' Hurricane
Skagerak Small Teak Storage Box: £59Skagerak Small Teak Storage Box
Skagerak Teak Fruit Crate: £89Skagerak Teak Fruit Crate
Skagerak Teak Wine/beer Bottle Crate: £79.00Skagerak Teak Wine/beer Bottle Crate
Skagerak Sugar Jar and spoon: £25.00Skagerak Sugar Jar and spoon
Medium Wire Weave Lantern: £95Medium Wire Weave Lantern
Desktop DC-3 Place: £69Desktop DC-3 Place
Dominoes in Box with Walnut Trim: £39Dominoes in Box with Walnut Trim
Forged Fire Companion Set: £295Forged Fire Companion Set
Forged Large Log Ring: £285Forged Large Log Ring
Forged Tall Log Stack: £285Forged Tall Log Stack
Moose Hook: £14Moose Hook
Blacks Winter Candle: £29Blacks Winter Candle
Blacks Spring Reed Diffuser: £32Blacks Spring Reed Diffuser
Blacks Winter Reed Diffuser: £32Blacks Winter Reed Diffuser
Blacks Autumn Candle: £29Blacks Autumn Candle
Blacks Summer Scented Candle: £29Blacks Summer Scented Candle
Blacks Spring Scented Candle: £29Blacks Spring Scented Candle
Round Swirl Mirror: £320Round Swirl Mirror
Rhino Bookends: £45Rhino Bookends
Integro Square Mirror: £550Integro Square Mirror
Clarice Silver Empire Mirror: £665Clarice Silver Empire Mirror
Bone China Milk Jug: £15.50Bone China Milk Jug
Bone China 'Stone' Mug: £13.50Bone China 'Stone' Mug
Bone China Sugar Bowl: £12.50Bone China Sugar Bowl
Bone China 'Hourglass' Mug: £13.50Bone China 'Hourglass' Mug
Bone China 'Meadow' Rounded Mug: £13.50Bone China 'Meadow' Rounded Mug
Bone China 'Seedling' Rounded Mug: £13.50Bone China 'Seedling' Rounded Mug
Bone China 'Ribbed' Mug: £13.50Bone China 'Ribbed' Mug
Bone China 'Oak' Mug: £13.50Bone China 'Oak' Mug
Scottie Dog Door Stop Sculpture: £24Scottie Dog Door Stop Sculpture
Arco Bowl Round: £120Arco Bowl Round
Large Artist's Horse: £125Large Artist's Horse
Arco Bowl Tall: £72Arco Bowl Tall
Venetian Solitaire: £75Venetian Solitaire
Venetian Tic-Tac-Toe: £75Venetian Tic-Tac-Toe
Solitaire with Semi-Precious Stones: £99Solitaire with Semi-Precious Stones
Small Wire Weave Lantern: £75Small Wire Weave Lantern
Rustic Metal 5 Candle Hurricane: £49Rustic Metal 5 Candle Hurricane
Gatsby 2-Part Tea Strainer: £24Gatsby 2-Part Tea Strainer
Seth Thomas London Brass Clock on Chain: £195Seth Thomas London Brass Clock on Chain
'Flight' Storage Trunk- Large and Small'Flight' Storage Trunk- Large and Small
Spitalfields Industrial Chest: £425Spitalfields Industrial Chest
Spitalfields Chest of Drawers: £495Spitalfields Chest of Drawers
Julius Skeleton Clock: £69Julius Skeleton Clock
Wall Mounted Rhino Head in Silver: £129Wall Mounted Rhino Head in Silver
Large Iron Skeleton Clock: £145Large Iron Skeleton Clock
Marine Searchlight: £495Marine Searchlight
Willow Table Lamp: £145Willow Table Lamp
Paris Table Lamp: £125Paris Table Lamp
Wayfarer Desk Lamp: £225Wayfarer Desk Lamp
Bird Cage Lantern Chandelier: £395Bird Cage Lantern Chandelier
Hotel Westminster Clock: £115Hotel Westminster Clock
Nickel Vice Spotlight: £99Nickel Vice Spotlight
'Silverstone' Racing Lamp: £225'Silverstone' Racing Lamp
'Duxford' Propeller: £199'Duxford' Propeller
Horse Sculpture: £45Horse Sculpture
Giant Key Aluminium Coat Rack: £65Giant Key Aluminium Coat Rack
Bordeaux Coasters Set of Four: £39Bordeaux Coasters Set of Four
Giant Aluminium Wall Hanging Cutlery Set: £65Giant Aluminium Wall Hanging Cutlery Set
Officers Leather Folding Chair: £230Officers Leather Folding Chair
Nautical Small Portlight Mirror: £135Nautical Small Portlight Mirror
Leather Umbrella Holder: £185.00Leather Umbrella Holder
Geneva 5-Hook Coat Hanger: £59.00Geneva 5-Hook Coat Hanger
27 Bottle Metal Wine Rack: £29527 Bottle Metal Wine Rack
Antiqued brass service bell: £36Antiqued brass service bell
Pine Cone Doorstop: £22Pine Cone Doorstop
Wiggle Mummy Sheep: £20Wiggle Mummy Sheep
Black Mummy Wiggle Sheep: £20Black Mummy Wiggle Sheep
Black Wiggle Lamb: £12Black Wiggle Lamb
Wiggle Mummy Pig: £20Wiggle Mummy Pig
Wiggle Daddy Ram: £20Wiggle Daddy Ram
Wiggle Lamb: £12Wiggle Lamb
Wiggle Duckling: £12Wiggle Duckling
Wiggle Kid: £12Wiggle Kid
Wiggle Mummy Duck: £20Wiggle Mummy Duck
Wiggle Chicken: £12Wiggle Chicken


We have a large collection of statues, ornaments and sculptures, kitchen gifts, clocks plus great retro and vintage nick-nacks. All perfect gifts for the home or for housewarming gifts.

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