Gift Ideas

Gifts for the Home

'Inspiritus' God Dipped Ball Candle: £12NEW'Inspiritus' God Dipped Ball Candle
Orange and Cinnamon Gold Dipped Ball: £12NEWOrange and Cinnamon Gold Dipped Ball
'Figgy Pudding' Gold Dipped Pillar Candle: £14NEW'Figgy Pudding' Gold Dipped Pillar Candle
Spicey Apple Wax Sachets: £22NEWSpicey Apple Wax Sachets
Black Vetiver & Oak Wax Sachets: £22NEWBlack Vetiver & Oak Wax Sachets
Clementine & Clove Botanical Candle: £64NEWClementine & Clove Botanical Candle
Anjou Pear Botanical Candle: £64NEWAnjou Pear Botanical Candle
Black Vetiver & Oak Botanical Candle: £49NEWBlack Vetiver & Oak Botanical Candle
Deer Pair: £22Deer Pair
Tidy Tray: £52NEWTidy Tray
Gold Flame Mirror: £60Gold Flame Mirror
Rhino Bookends: £45Rhino Bookends
Shoe Pin Cushion: £20Shoe Pin Cushion
Cow Napkin Ring: £8NEWCow Napkin Ring
Small Twig Bird: £8Small Twig Bird
Large Twig Bird: £12Large Twig Bird
Bamboo Style Salad Servers: £18NEWBamboo Style Salad Servers
Wooden Colourful Bird: £12Wooden Colourful Bird
Blacks Spring Reed Diffuser: £32Blacks Spring Reed Diffuser
Blacks Winter Reed Diffuser: £32Blacks Winter Reed Diffuser
Blacks Winter Candle: £25Blacks Winter Candle
White China Jug: £32White China Jug
Set of 4 Round Bordeaux Coasters: £35Set of 4 Round Bordeaux Coasters
Black Wiggle Lamb: £12Black Wiggle Lamb
Black Mummy Wiggle Sheep: £20Black Mummy Wiggle Sheep
Round Swirl Mirror: £320Round Swirl Mirror
Mock Alarm Wall Clock: £95Mock Alarm Wall Clock
Integro Square Mirror: £550NEWIntegro Square Mirror
Bone China 'Bubble' Rounded Mug: £12.50NEWBone China 'Bubble' Rounded Mug
Bone China Sugar Bowl: £12NEWBone China Sugar Bowl
Bone China Milk Jug: £15NEWBone China Milk Jug
Bone China Teapot: £45NEWBone China Teapot
Bone China 'Stone' Mug: £12.50NEWBone China 'Stone' Mug
Bone China 'Oak' Mug: £12.50NEWBone China 'Oak' Mug
Bone China 'Fizz' Mug: £12.50NEWBone China 'Fizz' Mug
Butter Dish With Stag Head: £24Butter Dish With Stag Head
Pitts Wooden Bi Plane: £39Pitts Wooden Bi Plane
Family and Friends Bench Sculpture: £75Family and Friends Bench Sculpture
Scottie Dog Door Stop Sculpture: £22Scottie Dog Door Stop Sculpture
Solitaire: £39.00Solitaire
Cow Parsley table Lamp Small: £69NEWCow Parsley table Lamp Small
Clarice Silver Empire Mirror: £665NEWClarice Silver Empire Mirror
Arco Bowl Round: £120NEWArco Bowl Round
Arco Bowl Tall: £72NEWArco Bowl Tall
Arco Platter Small: £120NEWArco Platter Small
Arco Platter Large: £145NEWArco Platter Large
Wire Weave Lantern: £75Wire Weave Lantern
Large Artist's Horse: £125Large Artist's Horse
Silberpfeil Model: £109NEWSilberpfeil Model
Solitaire with Semi-Precious Stones: £99NEWSolitaire with Semi-Precious Stones
Winsor Prose Writing Set: £45Winsor Prose Writing Set
BB Korn Model: £449NEWBB Korn Model
Bantam Midget Model: £290Bantam Midget Model
Mercator 1541 Globe: £178Mercator 1541 Globe
'Lampe Nature' Shell Lamp: £185'Lampe Nature' Shell Lamp
Arctic Wolf Table Lamp: £295Arctic Wolf Table Lamp
Pyramid 3 Tier Rack: £95Pyramid 3 Tier Rack
Gothic Glass Cross Decoration: £12NEWGothic Glass Cross Decoration
Sweeping Horn Sculpture: £125NEWSweeping Horn Sculpture
Wise Owl: £24Wise Owl
Harrington lamp with Linen Shade: £125Harrington lamp with Linen Shade
Tall Victorian Candlestick: £115Tall Victorian Candlestick
Pierced Metal Platter | Wall Art: £35Pierced Metal Platter | Wall Art
Rustic Dome with Cream Base: £39NEWRustic Dome with Cream Base
Mercury Glass Mesh Hurricane: £42NEWMercury Glass Mesh Hurricane
Rustic Metal 5 Candle Hurricane: £49NEWRustic Metal 5 Candle Hurricane
Hanging Wooden Heart Photo Frame: £18NEWHanging Wooden Heart Photo Frame
Rowley 2 Hook: £18Rowley 2 Hook
Ceramic Ring Pull Effect Jar: £12Ceramic Ring Pull Effect Jar
Gatsby Tea Strainer on Stand: £18Gatsby Tea Strainer on Stand
Salt Cellar with Spoon: £10Salt Cellar with Spoon
Antique Sugar Tongs: £12Antique Sugar Tongs
Antique Tea Strainer: £12Antique Tea Strainer
Gatsby Mustard Pot: £18Gatsby Mustard Pot
Large Wooden Magnifying Glass: £35NEWLarge Wooden Magnifying Glass
Bohemium Plates: £38Bohemium Plates
Porcelain Cockrel Jam Pot: £16Porcelain Cockrel Jam Pot
Porcelain Cow Butter Knife: £4.50Porcelain Cow Butter Knife
Porcelain Dog Salt & Pepper Pots: £18Porcelain Dog Salt & Pepper Pots
Bohemian Mugs- Set of 4: £38Bohemian Mugs- Set of 4
Large Vintage Bi-Plane: £115Large Vintage Bi-Plane
Small Wire Hurricane Lamp: £18NEWSmall Wire Hurricane Lamp
Large Wire Hurricane Lamp: £49NEWLarge Wire Hurricane Lamp
White Lava Glass Votives: £8 eachNEWWhite Lava Glass Votives
Sail Boats (small): £32Sail Boats (small)
Sail Boats (large): £45Sail Boats (large)
Vintage Porcelain Bust: £29NEWVintage Porcelain Bust
Pug Metal Bottle Opener-Bronze Finish: £28Pug Metal Bottle Opener-Bronze Finish
Beau Bon-Bon Stand: £32Beau Bon-Bon Stand
Edwardian Style Autumn Pots: £6 eachEdwardian Style Autumn Pots
Scottie-Dog Book Ends: £45Scottie-Dog Book Ends
Gatsby 2-Part Tea Strainer: £24NEWGatsby 2-Part Tea Strainer
1x Pheasant Table Decoration (Pair Shown): £15NEW1x Pheasant Table Decoration (Pair Shown)
Hanging Glass Hurricane: £22NEWHanging Glass Hurricane
Purple Mercury Glass Votives (set of 4): £28NEWPurple Mercury Glass Votives (set of 4)
Snow Glass Votive (Set of 4): £28NEWSnow Glass Votive (Set of 4)
Brass Magnifier with Horn Handle: £22Brass Magnifier with Horn Handle
Tea Strainer: £14Tea Strainer
Swirling Ribbon Lamp: £125Swirling Ribbon Lamp
Natural Driftwood Lamp: £295NEWNatural Driftwood Lamp
Metal Storage Chest Large and SmallNEWMetal Storage Chest Large and Small
The Race Sculpture: £79The Race Sculpture
Seth Thomas London Brass Clock on Chain: £175Seth Thomas London Brass Clock on Chain
Wooden Heart Lantern: £18Wooden Heart Lantern
Wall Mounted Rhino Head in Silver: £115Wall Mounted Rhino Head in Silver
Glass Tear drop Chandelier: £765NEWGlass Tear drop Chandelier
Spitalfields Chest of Drawers: £459NEWSpitalfields Chest of Drawers
Brooklyn Bookshelf Room Divide: £690Brooklyn Bookshelf Room Divide
Brass Magnifier with Nickel Plating: £18Brass Magnifier with Nickel Plating
Set Of 3 Safari Animal Prints: £85NEWSet Of 3 Safari Animal Prints
Elements Narrow Aluminium Vase Large: £69Elements Narrow Aluminium Vase Large
Cool Numbers Iron Skeleton Wall Clock: £49 NEWCool Numbers Iron Skeleton Wall Clock
Bird Scupture Model B: £15NEWBird Scupture Model B
Bird Scupture Model A: £15NEWBird Scupture Model A
Spitalfields Industrial Chest: £389NEWSpitalfields Industrial Chest
Paris Wooden Wall Clock: £49NEWParis Wooden Wall Clock
Silverlight Lantern Small: £149NEWSilverlight Lantern Small
Nickel Tube Table Lamp: £160NEWNickel Tube Table Lamp
Toast Rack with Jam and Butter Trays: £45Toast Rack with Jam and Butter Trays
Oval Serving Tray with Tulip Handles: £89NEWOval Serving Tray with Tulip Handles
Marine Searchlight: £495NEWMarine Searchlight
Etched Glass Lamp with Leaf Design: £165Etched Glass Lamp with Leaf Design
Dominoes in Box with Walnut Trim: £28Dominoes in Box with Walnut Trim
Willow Table Lamp: £125Willow Table Lamp
Wayfarer Desk Lamp: £225NEWWayfarer Desk Lamp
Manís Best Friend Lamp: £59Manís Best Friend Lamp
Skull Lamp: £59Skull Lamp
Winch Desk Lamp: £185Winch Desk Lamp
Paris Table Lamp: £95Paris Table Lamp
Nickel Vice Spotlight: £99Nickel Vice Spotlight
'Silverstone' Racing Lamp: £225'Silverstone' Racing Lamp
Bird Cage Lantern Chandelier: £395Bird Cage Lantern Chandelier
Coat Rack with Luggage Shelf: £125Coat Rack with Luggage Shelf
'Duxford' Propeller: £199'Duxford' Propeller
Venetian Solitaire: £75Venetian Solitaire
Magnifying Glass with Stand: £75Magnifying Glass with Stand
Muggleswick Leather Armchair: £890Muggleswick Leather Armchair
Lurcher Sculpture: £39Lurcher Sculpture
Wrist Watch Table Clock: £79Wrist Watch Table Clock
Elements Narrow Aluminium Vase Small: £45Elements Narrow Aluminium Vase Small
Clarence Fob Wall Clock: £65Clarence Fob Wall Clock
Wise Old Owl Bookends (Pair): £39Wise Old Owl Bookends (Pair)
Deep Salad Bowl with Servers: £45NEWDeep Salad Bowl with Servers
Horse Sculpture Bronze Finish: £45Horse Sculpture Bronze Finish
Stag Head Coat Hook: £12NEWStag Head Coat Hook
Giant Key Aluminium Coat Rack: £55NEWGiant Key Aluminium Coat Rack
Venetian Tic-Tac-Toe: £75Venetian Tic-Tac-Toe
Curled Up Herbie the Hedgehog: £18Curled Up Herbie the Hedgehog
Herbie The Hedgehog: £18Herbie The Hedgehog
Cambridge Ghost Clock: £175Cambridge Ghost Clock
Bordeaux Coasters Set of Four: £35Bordeaux Coasters Set of Four
Giant Aluminium Wall Hanging Cutlery Set: £65Giant Aluminium Wall Hanging Cutlery Set
Hotel Westminster Clock: £95Hotel Westminster Clock
Candle Extinquisher: £12Candle Extinquisher
Bronze Armillary Dial: £119Bronze Armillary Dial
Officers Leather Folding Chair: £220Officers Leather Folding Chair
Silver Buddha Head: £38Silver Buddha Head
Small Artist Horse: £95Small Artist Horse
Spitalfields Industrial Mirror: £185Spitalfields Industrial Mirror
Knightly Noughts and Crosses Set: £55Knightly Noughts and Crosses Set
Chessboard Bookends: £65Chessboard Bookends
Silver Giraffe: £34 EachSilver Giraffe
Elements Long Platter: £55Elements Long Platter
Eloise Laying on Front: £45Eloise Laying on Front
Lotus Flower Tea Light: £12Lotus Flower Tea Light
Victorian Kitchen Trivet: £55Victorian Kitchen Trivet
Set of 4 Bohemian Bowls: £38Set of 4 Bohemian Bowls
Leather Umbrella Holder: £165Leather Umbrella Holder
Blacks Spring Scented Candle: £25Blacks Spring Scented Candle
Blacks Summer Scented Candle: £25Blacks Summer Scented Candle
Nautical Small Portlight Mirror: £115Nautical Small Portlight Mirror
Jeeves Coat Hooks: £65Jeeves Coat Hooks
Pine Cone Table Lamp: £69Pine Cone Table Lamp
1879 Metal Clock: £2101879 Metal Clock
New Era Clock London: £75New Era Clock London
Cafe De Gare: £125Cafe De Gare
Large Iron Skeleton Clock: £145Large Iron Skeleton Clock
Sweet Numbers Clock: £69Sweet Numbers Clock
Regency Nickel lamp: £195Regency Nickel lamp
Diego Schnauzer Dog Lamp: £59Diego Schnauzer Dog Lamp
Rabbit Lamp: £59Rabbit Lamp
Hound Dog Lamp: £85Hound Dog Lamp
Resting Thai Buddha: £38Resting Thai Buddha
Happy Buddha: £38Happy Buddha
Geneva 5 Hook Coat Hanger: £49Geneva 5 Hook Coat Hanger
Origami Stag Lamp: £59Origami Stag Lamp
Julius Skeleton Clock: £49Julius Skeleton Clock
Set of 4 Woodland Glasses: £34Set of 4 Woodland Glasses
27 Bottle Metal Wine Rack: £26527 Bottle Metal Wine Rack
Blenheim Umbrella Stand: £220Blenheim Umbrella Stand
News & Mags Holder: £69News & Mags Holder
Olympic Diving Man Figure: £185Olympic Diving Man Figure
Antiqued brass service bell: £36Antiqued brass service bell
Wiggle Kid: £12Wiggle Kid
Wiggle Mummy Pig: £20Wiggle Mummy Pig
Wiggle Mummy Sheep: £20Wiggle Mummy Sheep
Wiggle Daddy Ram: £20Wiggle Daddy Ram
Wiggle Lamb: £12Wiggle Lamb
Wiggle Duckling: £12Wiggle Duckling
Wiggle Mummy Duck: £20Wiggle Mummy Duck
Wiggle Cockerel: £12Wiggle Cockerel
Toast Rack with Jam and Butter trays: £45Toast Rack with Jam and Butter trays
Hanging Pine Cone Heart: £16Hanging Pine Cone Heart
Elephant Palm Bookends: £75Elephant Palm Bookends
Reclining Girl Sculpture: £45Reclining Girl Sculpture
Pine Cone Doorstop: £22Pine Cone Doorstop
Elements Vase Medium: £55Elements Vase Medium
Elements Vase Large: £85Elements Vase Large


We have a large collection of statues, ornaments and sculptures, kitchen gifts, clocks plus great retro and vintage nick-nacks. All perfect gifts for the home or for housewarming gifts.

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