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Gifts for Him

£20 Gift Voucher: £20£20 Gift Voucher
£50 Gift Voucher: £50£50 Gift Voucher
£100 Gift Voucher: £100£100 Gift Voucher
Windsor Candle: £22NEWWindsor Candle
D.R Harris Shaving Set: £110D.R Harris Shaving Set
D.R Harris & Co Windsor Shaving Bowl: £25D.R Harris & Co Windsor Shaving Bowl
D.R Harris & Co Windsor Aftershave: £28D.R Harris & Co Windsor Aftershave
D.R Harris Windsor Eau de Toilette 50ml: £32D.R Harris Windsor Eau de Toilette 50ml
Windsor Top To Toe Wash: £12NEWWindsor Top To Toe Wash
D.R Harris Windsor Shaving Stick: £12D.R Harris Windsor Shaving Stick
D.R Harris & Co Windsor Aftershave Milk: £28D.R Harris & Co Windsor Aftershave Milk
D.R Harris Windsor Deoderant Stick: £14D.R Harris Windsor Deoderant Stick
Irving Washbag - Brown: £49Irving Washbag - Brown
D.R Harris & Co Arlington Aftershave Milk: £28D.R Harris & Co Arlington Aftershave Milk
Irving Washbag - Black: £49Irving Washbag - Black
Silberpfeil Model: £109Silberpfeil Model
Bantam Midget Model: £325Bantam Midget Model
BB Korn Model: £470BB Korn Model
Amber & Bergamot Shower Gift Set: £30Amber & Bergamot Shower Gift Set
Spanish Fig & Nutmeg Shower Gift Set: £30Spanish Fig & Nutmeg Shower Gift Set
Cuban Cedar & Lime Shower Gift Set: £30Cuban Cedar & Lime Shower Gift Set
Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Wash Bar: £6Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Wash Bar
Bergamot & Amber Wash Bar: £6Bergamot & Amber Wash Bar
Cuban Cedar & Lime Wash Bar: £6Cuban Cedar & Lime Wash Bar
Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Bath Soak: £15NEWSpanish Fig and Nutmeg Bath Soak
Bergamont and Amber Bath Soak: £15NEWBergamont and Amber Bath Soak
Cuban Cedar and Lime Bath Soak: £15NEWCuban Cedar and Lime Bath Soak
Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Cologne: £28Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Cologne
Bergamot & Amber Cologne: £28Bergamot & Amber Cologne
Cuban Cedar & Lime Cologne: £28Cuban Cedar & Lime Cologne
Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Bodywash: £14Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Bodywash
Bergamot & Amber Hair & Body Wash: £14Bergamot & Amber Hair & Body Wash
Cuban Cedar & Lime Exfoliating Body Wash: £14Cuban Cedar & Lime Exfoliating Body Wash
Barr-Co Original Hand Cream: £29NEWBarr-Co Original Hand Cream
Barr-Co Blood Orange Hand Cream: £29NEWBarr-Co Blood Orange Hand Cream
Barr-Co Spanish Lime Hand Cream: £29NEWBarr-Co Spanish Lime Hand Cream
Barr-Co Original Bubble Bath: £35NEWBarr-Co Original Bubble Bath
Barr-Co Blood Orange Bath Soak: £35NEWBarr-Co Blood Orange  Bath Soak
Barr-Co Spanish Lime Bath Soak: £35NEWBarr-Co Spanish Lime  Bath Soak
Honey Tobacco Candle: £35Honey Tobacco Candle
Spitfire Model: £45Spitfire Model
Honey Tobacco Reed Diffuser: £69Honey Tobacco Reed Diffuser
Decanter on Walnut base: £90Decanter on Walnut base
Ice Bucket: £29NEWIce Bucket
Whisky Glasses on Walnut Coasters: £40Whisky Glasses on Walnut Coasters
Decanting Pourer & Vacuum Stopper Set: £35Decanting Pourer & Vacuum Stopper Set
Set of 9 Drinks Stones: £15Set of 9 Drinks Stones
Marinade Syringe: £15Marinade Syringe
Pizza Scissors: £25Pizza Scissors
Bottle Opener: £12Bottle Opener
Leather Shot Case: £49Leather Shot Case
Chocolate Leather Wallet: £39Chocolate Leather Wallet
Soiree Wine Aerator: £22Soiree Wine Aerator
Black Leather Wallet: £39Black Leather Wallet
Gadget Pouch Brown with Orange Stitching: £49Gadget Pouch Brown with Orange Stitching
Moose Hook: £14Moose Hook
Gadget Pouch Black Red and White: £49Gadget Pouch Black Red and White
Small Sopwith Propellor: £129Small Sopwith Propellor
Leather Cuffink Case: £95Leather Cuffink Case
Vespa Table Lamp: £89NEWVespa Table Lamp
Leather Watch Box (5): £150.00Leather Watch Box (5)
Leather Accessories/ Cufflink Box: £65Leather Accessories/ Cufflink Box
Leather Stash Box: £85Leather Stash Box
Leather Watch Box (3): £120Leather Watch Box (3)
Leather Store Box: £39Leather Store Box
Leather Mousemat: £39Leather Mousemat
Backgammon: £175Backgammon
Solid Bronze Mini Magnifier: £15Solid Bronze Mini Magnifier
Venetian Tic-Tac-Toe: £75Venetian Tic-Tac-Toe
Gloss Cufflink Box: £39Gloss Cufflink Box
Skeleton Paperweight Clock in Wood Box: £65Skeleton Paperweight Clock in Wood Box
Gloss Accessory Box (Lockable): £99Gloss Accessory Box (Lockable)
World War II Compass: £25World War II Compass
Captain's Walking Stick with Compass: £55Captain's Walking Stick with Compass
Brass Compass: £35NEWBrass Compass
18th Century Sundial and Compass: £3918th Century Sundial and Compass
Magnifying Glass: £29Magnifying Glass
Travel Magnifier: £25Travel Magnifier
Victorian Brass Compass: £28Victorian Brass Compass


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