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Gifts for Her

Toast Rack with Jam and Butter Trays: £45Toast Rack with Jam and Butter Trays
'All My Love' Pocket Garden: £5NEW'All My Love' Pocket Garden
'Happy Birthday' Pocket Garden: £5NEW'Happy Birthday' Pocket Garden
Leather Stash Tray: £52Leather Stash Tray
Anjou Pear Diffuser: £69NEWAnjou Pear Diffuser
Anjou Pear Botanical Candle: £64Anjou Pear Botanical Candle
Anjou Pear Wax Sachets: £22NEWAnjou Pear Wax Sachets
Clementine & Clove Botanical Candle: £64Clementine & Clove Botanical Candle
Spicey Apple Wax Sachets: £22Spicey Apple Wax Sachets
Black Vetiver & Oak Botanical Candle: £49Black Vetiver & Oak Botanical Candle
Black Vetiver & Oak Wax Sachets: £22Black Vetiver & Oak Wax Sachets
Large Wooden 'Pebble' Box: £22Large Wooden 'Pebble' Box
Claus Porto Box of 2 Wild Flowers Soaps: £24Claus Porto Box of 2 Wild Flowers Soaps
Claus Porto Box of 2 Rose Soaps: £24Claus Porto Box of 2 Rose Soaps
Wooden Letter Rack: £45Wooden Letter Rack
Wooden Domino Set: £40Wooden Domino Set
Dominoes in Box with Walnut Trim: £28Dominoes in Box with Walnut Trim
Solitaire: £39.00Solitaire
Wooden Playing Cards Box: £45Wooden Playing Cards Box
Wooden Gift Box: £32Wooden Gift Box
Winsor Prose Writing Set: £45Winsor Prose Writing Set
Paddle Vodka Set: £40Paddle Vodka Set
Marine Perfume: £39Marine Perfume
Marine Luxe Bubblebath: £34Marine Luxe Bubblebath
Marine Handcream: £22Marine Handcream
Neroli Perfume: £39Neroli Perfume
Neroli Luxe Bubblebath: £34Neroli Luxe Bubblebath
Neroli Handcream: £22Neroli Handcream
Camellia Handcream: £22Camellia Handcream
'Camillia' Bar Soap: £9.50'Camillia' Bar Soap
Bouquet Handcream: £22Bouquet Handcream
'Bouquet' Bar Soap: £9.50'Bouquet' Bar Soap
Mint Julep Lip Butter: £10Mint Julep Lip Butter
Memory Box: £165NEWMemory Box
Orange and Cinnamon Gold Dipped Ball: £12Orange and Cinnamon Gold Dipped Ball
'Inspiritus' God Dipped Ball Candle: £12'Inspiritus' God Dipped Ball Candle
'Figgy Pudding' Gold Dipped Pillar Candle: £14'Figgy Pudding' Gold Dipped Pillar Candle
Tidy Tray: £52NEWTidy Tray
Leather Mousemat: £39NEWLeather Mousemat
Leather Accessories/ Cufflink Box: £65NEWLeather Accessories/ Cufflink Box
Leather Stash Box: £85NEWLeather Stash Box
Rhino Bookends: £45Rhino Bookends
Leather Jewellery Box: £72NEWLeather Jewellery Box
Small Twig Bird: £8Small Twig Bird
Wooden Colourful Bird: £12Wooden Colourful Bird
Large Twig Bird: £12Large Twig Bird
Set of 4 Round Bordeaux Coasters: £35Set of 4 Round Bordeaux Coasters
Blacks Spring Scented Candle: £25Blacks Spring Scented Candle
Blacks Spring Reed Diffuser: £32Blacks Spring Reed Diffuser
Blacks Winter Candle: £25Blacks Winter Candle
Blacks Winter Reed Diffuser: £32Blacks Winter Reed Diffuser
Blacks Summer Scented Candle: £25Blacks Summer Scented Candle
Blacks Autumn Candle: £25Blacks Autumn Candle
Cribbage: £34.00Cribbage
Small Wire Weave Lantern: £75Small Wire Weave Lantern
Mercury Glass Mesh Hurricane: £42Mercury Glass Mesh Hurricane
Rustic Metal 5 Candle Hurricane: £49Rustic Metal 5 Candle Hurricane
Gatsby Tea Strainer on Stand: £18Gatsby Tea Strainer on Stand
Antique Sugar Tongs: £12Antique Sugar Tongs
Antique Tea Strainer: £12Antique Tea Strainer
Porcelain Cockerel Jam Pot: £16Porcelain Cockerel Jam Pot
Porcelain Cow Butter Knife: £4.50Porcelain Cow Butter Knife
Porcelain Dog Salt & Pepper Pots: £18Porcelain Dog Salt & Pepper Pots
Beau Bon-Bon Stand: £32Beau Bon-Bon Stand
Wooden Heart Lantern: £18Wooden Heart Lantern
Red Velvet Hanging Heart: £12Red Velvet Hanging Heart
Bird Scupture Model B: £15Bird Scupture Model B
Elements Narrow Aluminium Vase Large: £69Elements Narrow Aluminium Vase Large
Elements Narrow Aluminium Vase Small: £45Elements Narrow Aluminium Vase Small
Bird Scupture Model A: £15Bird Scupture Model A
Resting Thai Buddha: £38Resting Thai Buddha
Happy Buddha: £38Happy Buddha
Herbie The Hedgehog: £18Herbie The Hedgehog
Curled Up Herbie the Hedgehog: £18Curled Up Herbie the Hedgehog
Sopwell a History by Sandy Norman: £15Sopwell a History by Sandy Norman
Lotus Flower Tea Light: £12Lotus Flower Tea Light
Set of 3 Silver Hearts Tealight Holders: £14Set of 3 Silver Hearts Tealight Holders
Candle Extinquisher: £12Candle Extinquisher
Pair of Hanging Love Hearts: £16Pair of Hanging Love Hearts
Wiggle Kid: £12Wiggle Kid
Wiggle Mummy Sheep: £20Wiggle Mummy Sheep
Wiggle Mummy Duck: £20Wiggle Mummy Duck
Wiggle Cockerel: £12Wiggle Cockerel
Wiggle Daddy Ram: £20Wiggle Daddy Ram
Wiggle Duckling: £12Wiggle Duckling
Black Wiggle Lamb: £12Black Wiggle Lamb
Black Mummy Wiggle Sheep: £20Black Mummy Wiggle Sheep
Wiggle Lamb: £12Wiggle Lamb
Wiggle Mummy Pig: £20Wiggle Mummy Pig


We're now stocking a large range of gifts for her. From Mother's Day gifts to Valentine's gifts, our practical presents and romantic gift ideas are sure to please the special lady in your life!

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