Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

£20 Gift Voucher: £20£20 Gift Voucher
£50 Gift Voucher: £50£50 Gift Voucher
£100 Gift Voucher: £100£100 Gift Voucher
Master Mouse Christmas Decoration: £12Master Mouse Christmas Decoration
Snowflake with Centre Bead: £12Snowflake with Centre Bead
Christmas Decoration Fox Terrier: £10Christmas Decoration Fox Terrier
Miss Mouse Christmas Decoration: £12Miss Mouse Christmas Decoration
Beaded Snowflake: £12Beaded Snowflake
Christmas Decoration Schnauzer: £10Christmas Decoration Schnauzer
Hanging Felt Reindeer with Scarf: £8Hanging Felt Reindeer with Scarf
Red Velvet Hanging Heart: £12Red Velvet Hanging Heart
Hanging Felt Reindeer: £8Hanging Felt Reindeer
Red Velvet Hanging Heart With Tassel: £14Red Velvet Hanging Heart With Tassel
Glass 'Antique' Gold Heart: £6Glass 'Antique' Gold Heart
Etched Glass Heart Decoration: £9Etched Glass Heart  Decoration
Glass 'Antique' Silver Heart: £6Glass 'Antique' Silver Heart
Gold Votives: £14 eachNEWGold Votives
Gold Hanging Heart: £8 eachGold Hanging Heart
Stag Head Coat Hook: £15Stag Head Coat Hook
Black Owl Dome Decoration: £8Black Owl Dome Decoration
Gothic Glass Cross Decoration: £12Gothic Glass Cross Decoration
White Owl Dome Decoration: £8White Owl Dome Decoration
Set of 9 Drinks Stones: £15Set of 9 Drinks Stones
6 Coloured Shot Glasses in Trug: £406  Coloured Shot Glasses in Trug
Spicey Apple Candle: £35Spicey Apple Candle
Spicey Apple Reed Diffuser: £69Spicey Apple Reed Diffuser
Spicey Apple Wax Sachets: £25Spicey Apple Wax Sachets
Oak Moss and Myrrh Candle: £35NEWOak Moss and Myrrh Candle
Oak Moss and Myrrh Botanical Diffuser: £69Oak Moss and Myrrh  Botanical Diffuser
Oak Moss and Myrrh Wax Sachets: £25Oak Moss and Myrrh Wax Sachets
'Figgy Pudding' Gold Dipped Pillar Candle: £14'Figgy Pudding' Gold Dipped Pillar Candle
Red Sandalwood Multiwick Candle: £28Red Sandalwood Multiwick Candle
Multiwick Candle Figgy Pudding: £28Multiwick Candle Figgy Pudding
Fig Tree Room Spray: £12Fig Tree Room Spray
Multiwick Candle- Ember: £28Multiwick Candle- Ember
Orange and Cinnamon Room Spray: £12NEWOrange and Cinnamon Room Spray
Carmen Ball Candleholder Large: £24NEWCarmen Ball Candleholder Large
Carmen Ball Candleholder Small: £18NEWCarmen Ball Candleholder Small
Carmen Tealight Tumbler: £8Carmen Tealight Tumbler
Beaver Paperweight: £28Beaver Paperweight
Hippo Paperweight: £28Hippo Paperweight
Giraffe Paperweight: £28Giraffe Paperweight
Winter Tumblers: £28Winter Tumblers
Mulled Wine Warmer: £39Mulled Wine Warmer
Cheese Knives Set: £15Cheese Knives Set
Black Box Domino Set: £39Black Box Domino Set
Moose Hook: £14Moose Hook
Sheesham Wood Noughts & Crosses: £39NEWSheesham Wood Noughts & Crosses
Bouquet Perfume: £34Bouquet Perfume
Bouquet Handcream: £22Bouquet Handcream
'Bouquet' Bar Soap: £9.00'Bouquet' Bar Soap
Cuban Cedar & Lime Shower Gift Set: £30Cuban Cedar & Lime Shower Gift Set
'Camellia' Bar Soap: £9.00'Camellia' Bar Soap
Amber & Bergamot Shower Gift Set: £30Amber & Bergamot Shower Gift Set
Blacks Winter Candle: £29Blacks Winter Candle
Leather Watch Box (3): £120Leather Watch Box (3)
Blacks Winter Reed Diffuser: £35Blacks Winter Reed Diffuser
Wiggle Chicken: £14Wiggle Chicken
Wiggle Lamb: £14Wiggle Lamb
Wiggle Kid: £14Wiggle Kid


Our range of Christmas gift ideas tend towards the unusual and unique, and include luxury gifts as well as stocking-filler, plus a few seasonal gifts and gifts for the children.

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