Antique Tea Strainer: £12Antique Tea Strainer
Antique Sugar Tongs: £12Antique Sugar Tongs
Winsor Prose Writing Set: £45Winsor Prose Writing Set
Magnifying Glass with Stand: £75Magnifying Glass with Stand
Solitaire with Semi-Precious Stones: £99Solitaire with Semi-Precious Stones
BB Korn Model: £449BB Korn Model
Bantam Midget Model: £290Bantam Midget Model
Silberpfeil Model: £109Silberpfeil Model
Mercator 1541 Globe: £178Mercator 1541 Globe
Rustic Metal 5 Candle Hurricane: £49Rustic Metal 5 Candle Hurricane
Large Wooden Magnifying Glass: £35Large Wooden Magnifying Glass
Gatsby Tea Strainer on Stand: £18Gatsby Tea Strainer on Stand
Gatsby 2-Part Tea Strainer: £24Gatsby 2-Part Tea Strainer
'Flight' Storage Trunk- Large and Small'Flight' Storage Trunk- Large and Small
Seth Thomas London Brass Clock on Chain: £175Seth Thomas London Brass Clock on Chain
Brass Magnifier with Horn Handle: £22Brass Magnifier with Horn Handle
Glass Tear drop Chandelier: £765Glass Tear drop Chandelier
Spitalfields Chest of Drawers: £459Spitalfields Chest of Drawers
Brooklyn Bookshelf Room Divide: £690Brooklyn Bookshelf Room Divide
Julius Skeleton Clock: £59Julius Skeleton Clock
Set Of 3 Safari Animal Prints: £85NEWSet Of 3 Safari Animal Prints
Spitalfields Industrial Chest: £389Spitalfields Industrial Chest
Nickel Vice Spotlight: £99Nickel Vice Spotlight
Toast Rack with Jam and Butter Trays: £45Toast Rack with Jam and Butter Trays
Marine Searchlight: £495Marine Searchlight
The 'Eye of Time' Desk Paperweight Clock: £35The 'Eye of Time' Desk Paperweight Clock
Captain's Walking Stick with Compass: £55Captain's Walking Stick with Compass
Spitalfields Industrial Mirror: £185Spitalfields Industrial Mirror
Large Iron Skeleton Clock: £145Large Iron Skeleton Clock
Cafe De Gare: £125Cafe De Gare
New Era Clock London: £75New Era Clock London
1879 Metal Clock: £2101879 Metal Clock
Crystal Chandelier Small: £295Crystal Chandelier Small
Crystal Chandelier Medium: £425Crystal Chandelier Medium
Crystal Chandelier Large: £685Crystal Chandelier Large
Winch Desk Lamp: £185Winch Desk Lamp
Candle Extinquisher: £12Candle Extinquisher
Toast Rack with Jam and Butter trays: £45Toast Rack with Jam and Butter trays
Antiqued brass service bell: £36Antiqued brass service bell
18th Century Sundial and Compass: £3918th Century Sundial and Compass
Victorian Brass Compass: £28Victorian Brass Compass
Lewis and Clark Compass: £25Lewis and Clark Compass
World War II Compass: £25World War II Compass
'Duxford' Propeller: £199'Duxford' Propeller
Solid Bronze Mini Magnifier: £15Solid Bronze Mini Magnifier
Bird Cage Lantern Chandelier: £395Bird Cage Lantern Chandelier
Hotel Westminster Clock: £95Hotel Westminster Clock
1745 Vaugondy Globe in Box: £251745 Vaugondy Globe in Box
'Eye of Time' Paperweight Clock Silver & Black: £35'Eye of Time' Paperweight Clock Silver & Black
Venetian Tic-Tac-Toe: £75Venetian Tic-Tac-Toe
Bronze Armillary Dial: £119Bronze Armillary Dial
Venetian Solitaire: £75Venetian Solitaire
'Silverstone' Racing Lamp: £225'Silverstone' Racing Lamp
Bronze Pocket Sextant: £45Bronze Pocket Sextant
Small Artist Horse: £95Small Artist Horse
The Eye of Time Large Paperweight Watch: £65The Eye of Time Large Paperweight Watch
Leather Umbrella Holder: £175.00Leather Umbrella Holder
Magnifying Glass with Stand: £75Magnifying Glass with Stand
Navigation Desk: £1220Navigation Desk
Officers Leather Folding Chair: £220Officers Leather Folding Chair

Welcome to our new vintage page. We’ll be sourcing cool and quirky interiors pieces with a unique style from a bygone age. Many of the items are available in limited numbers so if you see something you like, grab it quick. Thanks for looking and be sure to check this page regularly.

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