'Storm' Mug: £14.50NEW'Storm'  Mug
'Sleek' Mug: £14.50NEW'Sleek' Mug
'Slick' Mug: £14.50NEW'Slick' Mug
'Storm' Sugar bowl: £14.50NEW'Storm'  Sugar bowl
'Storm' Jug: £32NEW'Storm'  Jug
Dome On Wooden Bowl: £49Dome On Wooden Bowl
White Marble And Wooden Coaster: £18White Marble And Wooden Coaster
Crushgrind Walnut Grinder: £32NEWCrushgrind Walnut Grinder
Grey Marble And Wooden Coaster: £18Grey Marble And Wooden Coaster
Bottle Opener: £12Bottle Opener
Crushgrind Oak Grinder: £32NEWCrushgrind Oak Grinder
Cheese Knives Set: £15Cheese Knives Set
Oak Utensil Double Pot: £40Oak Utensil Double Pot
Salad Bowl on Oak: £35Salad Bowl on Oak
Salad Servers: £22Salad Servers
Garlic Crush: £65Garlic Crush
Oak Salad Server Hands: £15Oak Salad Server Hands
Silicone Tongs: £18Silicone Tongs
Pizza Scissors: £25Pizza Scissors
'Daisy' Potato Masher: £22'Daisy' Potato Masher
Marinade Syringe: £15Marinade Syringe
No Mess Garlic Crusher: £25No Mess Garlic Crusher
Kitchen Tool Set: £55NEWKitchen Tool Set
Pasta Server/ Cheese Grater: £15Pasta Server/ Cheese Grater
Coaster Set: £24NEWCoaster Set
4 Wine Glasses: £504 Wine Glasses
Wine Decanter: £75Wine Decanter
Decanting Pourer & Vacuum Stopper Set: £35Decanting Pourer & Vacuum Stopper Set
Faceted Wine cooler: £65Faceted Wine cooler
Soiree Wine Aerator: £22Soiree Wine Aerator
Madrid Decanter: £60Madrid Decanter
Whisky Glasses on Walnut Coasters: £40Whisky Glasses on Walnut Coasters
Decanter on Walnut base: £90Decanter on Walnut base
Ice Bucket: £29NEWIce Bucket
Set of 9 Drinks Stones: £15Set of 9 Drinks Stones
Bronze Mirror Tray: £110Bronze Mirror Tray
Table Decanter/ Water Glass: £30Table Decanter/ Water Glass
Winter Tumblers: £28Winter Tumblers
Mulled Wine Warmer: £39Mulled Wine Warmer
Glass Water Jug: £40Glass Water Jug
Set of 4 Coloured Tumblers: £25Set of 4 Coloured Tumblers
Diamond Rectangle Mirror Tray: £99Diamond Rectangle Mirror Tray
6 Tumblers In carry Trug: £406 Tumblers In carry Trug
Set of 4 Tumblers: £32Set of 4 Tumblers
6 Coloured Shot Glasses in Trug: £406  Coloured Shot Glasses in Trug
Oak Breakfast Tray: £65Oak Breakfast Tray
Skagerak Fruit Bowl/ Serving Dish: £55Skagerak Fruit Bowl/ Serving Dish
Arco Bowl Tall: £75Arco Bowl Tall
Birdie Tea Diffuser Mug -Green: £15Birdie Tea Diffuser Mug -Green
Birdie Tea Diffuser Mug -Orange: £15Birdie Tea Diffuser Mug -Orange
Birdie Tea Diffuser Mug -Black: £15Birdie Tea Diffuser Mug -Black
'Spoons' Coaster: £4'Spoons' Coaster
Retro Coaster: £4Retro Coaster
'Spoons' Placemat: £12'Spoons' Placemat
Nordic Serving Platter: £45Nordic Serving Platter
Skagerak Nordic Jug: £29Skagerak Nordic Jug
Skagerak Sugar Jar and spoon: £25.00Skagerak Sugar Jar and spoon

We stock a wide range of dining accessories and kitchenalia. From innovative storage solutions to stylish glass and tableware, our kitchen accessories will brighten any modern or traditional home for breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends.

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